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Wright Robinson College

PATHWAYS- Year 9 Options

Students in Year 9 will now have to make decisions about subject choices for Year 10 and Year 11.

Please find all of the information that students need to make an informed choice, in the booklet below.

Pathways Booklet

It is vital that students read this information carefully, and understand the requirements of each subjects.

Once students are confident that they know which subjects they would like to study, they will need to select their choices using the online options form. All students will select FOUR subjects with TWO reserve choices, and they will be guided through this process using the online form. The video below will help with this process.
Students should not select log into their account until they are absolutely sure of their choices.

Pathways-Booklet 2022 FINAL


Alternate view available here.

Options Online - Student Activation

  • Go to the highlighted address: https://id.sims.co.uk/registration/home/soscode 
  • Students choose to login with Microsoft Teams.
  • Students enter their ‘Teams’ Username (i.e.STAA01@wrightrobinson.co.uk) and their ‘Teams’ password.
  • Students will then be prompted to enter their Activation Code. This code is personal and will be sent in a separate letter home.
  • Students must then be prompted to enter their Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY).

The video below goes through every aspect of this process.

IMPORTANT: Once students have activated their account, they can then log into the platform web address which is  www.sims-options.co.uk and select their choices.

The deadline for students to enter their choices is Thursday 31st March 2022

Any parent/ carer concerned that their child will not be confident of completing this process at home, can contact the college. We will then ask for your permission for your child to undertake this process in college.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Nicholls, or any of the senior staff in college.


Check out “Student Guide to Pathways” from Wright Robinson College on Vimeo: