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Wright Robinson College

Pastoral Awards

Excellence in Pupil Development Award

Wright Robinson College is committed to supporting the personal development of pupils and will use its involvement with the award to further strengthen this. We aim to ensure that pupils leave us ready for the next stage of their education and life.  The school views the Excellence in Pupil Development Award as an opportunity to audit current provision. It helps us to evaluate and enrich our curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom. It supports us in developing pupils’ personal attributes and attitudes, such as self-confidence, resilience and self-discipline. We also fully believe that this award will support our ethos of preparing our pupils for life in modern Britain. 

As a College we are extremely proud to have been awarded the: Excellence in Pupil Development Award in May 2022. 


  • Curriculum – ensuring the knowledge and skills for personal development are into the whole-school curriculum.
  • Behaviour – Setting high expectations for pupil behaviour and conduct both inside the college and outside within the community. This includes high expectations for punctuality, attendance, respect for self and others.
  • Responsible citizens – Promoting positive attitudes from pupils towards their own learning, towards each other, and towards the wider community.
  • Local partnerships – Engaging with local groups and parents/carers to deliver enrichment activities that develop pupils’ confidence, responsibility and leadership skills.
  • External organisations – Actively enlisting the support of national and international agencies to help raise pupils’ aspirations for their future.
  • Professional development – Continuing to support high quality, staff CPD so that all staff can build and support pupils’ personal development.


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