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Wright Robinson College

Feedback from our Stakeholders


Feedback from Parents/Carers

I have experienced Wright Robinson for many years as a parent of a pupil attending but this is the first time our paths have crossed in a professional capacity. I know Wright Robinson pride themselves on team work but I have never seen what happens inside the walls of the school or how the children present themselves on a regular school day and whilst I expected to see such high standards I was blown away by the professionalism of the pupils that attended Rodney house yesterday. Each and every one of them should be incredibly proud of themselves they were all amazing and they were fantastic ambassadors for the school. All the staff and the children had an amazing time some of the staff comments:

"wow they were absolutely amazing"


"The children all looked so smart"


"That was my first time hearing a live steel band it was incredible"


"They literally made our carnival"


Some of the pupils comments:


"Will my high school have a band I love it"


"it was my favourite"


"I liked it so so much"

Ms Thomas- Rodney House

Wright Robinson is offering all live online lessons each day, keeping the kids in a routine and still having the interaction with each other. The support is there and the college keep in touch if my daughter doesn’t attend the live lessons. 
Mrs Coogan
Teachers are going above and beyond to support my daughter with her remote learning, I have been particularly impressed by my daughter’s English and Maths lessons. I am really pleased with the remote learning offered and how well the lessons are being delivered virtually.
Miss Daly 

Your ‘Team Ethos’ talks about pupils flourishing and creating leaders, my son came home with his first student of excellence award, he was extremely proud to be one of the transition prefects, as he knew how difficult it can be starting a new school. He is growing up to be a very mature, confident and clever lad who strives to be Head Boy in year 11. 

Year 7 parent


Feedback from Leisure

We have been using the facilities at WR for a number of years now and we have always received exemplary service. Our current U14’s use the grass football pitch as their home pitch and it has always been match ready, litter free, well maintained and easily accessible. Any queries are always dealt with promptly by the admin team and every effort has always been made to accommodate any additional pitch hire or other requests. All of our teams play in the EMJFL so many use the astro-pitches across the weekend. They are always easily accessible, well lit and there are always WR staff on hand if needed.
Woodley Albion JFC