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Wright Robinson College



The college has an extensive extra-curricular programme on offer:



Wednesdays 1.45pm - 2.15pm: KS3 Art, Craft and Design club 

Art Club is open to all KS3 students, years 7 - 9. 

Students do a range of different art and craft activities including paper weaving, pebble painting, digital work, textiles...and many more!


Climate Club

Tuesdays 1.15pm - 1.45pm in Art 2: Climate Committee 

Climate Committee is open to all students. Passes collected from Mrs Laithwaite or Miss Baty. 

At Wright Robinson’s Climate Committee we discuss all things environmental and help make changes to college life that help reduce our whole college Carbon Footprint.

This year, we are focusing on:

  • managing the college’s waste
  • reducing litter in the local area
  • making the school grounds a greener and cleaner space

So far the Climate Committee have organised whole school litter picks, participated in bulb planting in the local community and have created posters and signs for display around the college to help educate staff and students about these issues.

The students at this club are full of passion and have great ideas that help us work towards making our school greener and help with our aims of achieving our Eco-Schools Green Flag award.





Literacy Games Club     

Thursdays 1.45pm - 2.15pm (Miss Parry)

Students can brush up on their literacy skills through fun and interactive games such as Bananagrams and Boggle! 


Newspaper Club 

Tuesdays 1.45pm - 2.15pm (Miss Holtom)

Available to all KS3 students Years 7-9.

In Newspaper club, you can work individually or collaboratively with your peers to write an article or interview about the current news around school or the local area. You have full creative freedom to come up with engaging and exciting ideas. If you are interested in making puzzles, writing reviews of books or reporting on the events, this is a great chance to practice your skills.



Debate Club 

Mondays 1.45pm - 2.15pm in EN1 (Miss Mitchell)

Available to all KS3 students Years 7-9.

Creative thinking, discussion and voicing your opinion form the basis of Wright Robinson College’s Debate Club. From debating about current topics, to discussions on tricky concepts and ideas, debate club offers students the chance to improve their oracy skills and become confident speakers. Emotional control, quick thinking and articulation of your points are skills that we build on in each session as we try out all the different styles of Debate. Come along and meet our debaters and try something new with new friends!’


Creative Writing Club 

Wednesdays 1.45pm - 2.15pm (Miss Burns)

Students can practise and develop their creative writing in a safe, positive environment. Students are encouraged to enter national competitions to have their work recognised and, hopefully, published!


Book Club    

Thursday lunchtimes (Miss McNiffe)

Available to Years 9 and 10.

A book club for students in Years 9 and 10 that is guided by the reading habits and interests of students.





Digital Creativity Club   

The idea behind the SEN club is to provide the opportunity for certain SEN pupils to have an environment where they can develop and utilise their creative potential in ICT, as well as enhance their skillset, which may not otherwise be possible in other classroom\club environments.  A reason as to why this may not be possible in other lunch clubs or the LRC may be because they are uncomfortable working amongst large groups of pupils, have limited social ability, or are unable to access the support and guidance needed.  The club will not follow a strict lesson plan, but will allow pupils the flexibility to decide on the content, and on how much they want to produce.

The club will focus on digital creative aspects including Anime, Graphic Design, Programming, and Web Design.  Students are provided with all the resources required for each of the available topics and will work through them at their own pace.   The idea is that this will not only enhance the skillset of the pupils, but provide them with extra confidence and an environment that will allow them to thrive.


Web Design club

Wednesday 1:15pm-1:45pm in ICT 5 (Hosted by ICT leaders)

This club will give relevant web design skills to KS3 students, which has the aim of teaching them how to build a website from scratch, using Adobe Dreamweaver. The club will begin with: learning how to set up a table in Dreamweaver, inserting images, inserting text and linking pages together. This club will be relevant and useful as it links with the Scheme of Work (SoW) for 7.5 Digital Showcase & 8.4 Digital Showcase


Graphics club

Friday 1:45pm – 2:15pm in ICT 2 (Hosted by ICT Leaders)

This club will give relevant graphic skills to KS3 students, which has the aim of teaching them how to create and manipulate images in Fireworks and Photoshop. The club will begin with: basic image creating skills, e.g. creating their own images from scratch using vector tools, and then moving on to editing images and learning how to manipulate images, using Photoshop manipulation techniques. This club will be relevant and useful as it links with the Scheme of Work for 7.2 Digital Creative Project, 8.2 Digital Creative Project & 8.3 YouTube Project.


Both of these clubs co-inside with the KS3 SoW, which gives additional learning to enhance students’ Web Design and Graphics skills. These clubs have been picked specifically because they are core components within KS3 and even KS4 ICT, and the skills are vastly required across all stages of ICT. The software used within the clubs: Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver.




Spanish and French Film Clubs      

Each half term a French and Spanish film will be shown.  The showing is open to any student that studies a language in any year group.  The dates and locations will be announced and advertised in advance.  Popcorn will be provided!


KS3 Languages Club (French and Spanish)

Students in Y7-9 are welcome to attend Languages Club on Mondays at 1.15 in ML03. In this club students will have the opportunity to practise their language skills by playing board games, completing puzzles, reading stories and listening to songs.  We will also be celebrating the culture of France and Spain at key points throughout the year and students will also get to try some traditional foods from the two countries.


Japanese Taster Sessions

In collaboration with the University of Manchester, students in all year groups can sign up to attend four Japanese taster sessions.  The lessons will take place on Monday lunchtimes throughout March in ML04.



Instrumental lessons:



  • Yellow sessions: All students can attend.
  • Blue sessions: Teams and team training
  • Green sessions: For GCSE and BTEC students
  • Orange sessions: For staff



  • Morning Clubs run from 7.30am - 8.15am
  • Lunch Clubs first half run from 1.15pm - 1.45pm
  • Lunch Clubs second half run from 1.45pm - 2.15pm
  • After College Clubs run from 3.30pm - 4.30pm
  • Matches will last longer and students will be made aware of this.



STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) 

Science STEM Club: Tuesdays 1.15pm - 1.45pm  

STEM club allows students to complete practical based activities that they may not get a chance to do during science lessons. Each term has a different focus, for example in the Autumn term we focused on how movies are made!

Students do not need to have a detailed knowledge of science but they will improve their confidence, teamwork, leadership and practical skills. It is available to KS3 Students (Years 7-9) and each term there is a prize for the most dedicated scientist. This could be someone who attends every week or goes above and beyond with the practical activities.