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Wright Robinson College

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions

Duke of Edinburgh expeditions that Wright Robinson students have completed

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze qualifying expedition Friday 8th July  - Saturday 9th July 2022 


Friday the 8th of July, 101 Wright Robinson College students began their Duke of Edinburgh walk through and around Nidderdale, Yorkshire. Setting off on Friday morning and returning the following evening, the students had to read and explore maps, cook their own food and set up their tents for the evening amongst other tasks. 

Through teamwork, desire and determination, all 101 students were able to complete all assignments at an extremely high standard. The Duke of Edinburgh assessor even highlighted how our college was the first public school to complete the expedition with such a high number of students! 

The staff on the expedition received a significant amount of compliments from the local community, who went out of their way to congratulate them on how lovely and polite the students were.

All 101 students represented Wright Robinson College to the high standard the college encourages. Once again, teamwork has brought the whole college together. Well done to every student and staff member who took part on the Duke of Edinburgh expedition last weekend.