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Dance at KS3 is taught as an activity within the PE curriculum.  For more information on this you can go to the PE subject area.

At KS4 students can choose Dance as an option and will build on their basic knowledge gaining a more in depth understanding of the subject. 

The students will be studying a VCERT Level 1/2 Technical Award in Performance Skills with the focus being on Dance.   Students will develop their understanding of working in the Performing Arts Industry.

During this course students will complete two mandatory units.

  • Unit 1: Working in The Performance Industry (Externally Assessed written exam - 40%)
  • Unit 2: Planning and Performing (Externally moderated unit - 60%)

At the end of Unit 1:Working in the Performance Industry students will sit an exam which will contribute 40% towards the overall final grade.

Students will then begin work on Unit 2, ‘Preparing to Perform’. In this unit they will prepare an ensemble performance and a solo performance for an audience. They will do this in response to an assignment brief (set by the exam board). Students will plan and prepare all aspects of their performance from costume needs to administration planning such as risk assessments and finding suitable venues.

The course offers a very hands-on approach to experiencing working in the performing arts. It requires the students to be able to work well in a group, be reliable and committed and imaginative.

Curriculum in Year 10


Performance Skills / Expressive Skills / Technical Skills

  • Understanding roles and responsibilities of the performance industry
  • Understanding National Organisations
  • Understand how performance are promoted
  • Understanding production planning
  • Understanding rehearsal process
  • Official Written Exam 


How we assess:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

Students will be assessed on their basic performance and choreography skills that were taught at KS3 during their PE lessons.


Students will create and be assessed as an ensemble where students should show a development in their practical performance skills.


Students will also be be studying and being assessed in the first two Learning outcomes of Unit 1 (Written / Theory unit) 



Students will be assessed on their continued development of Performance skills.



Students will create and be assessed on a solo choreography  piece.



Students will be studying and will be assessed on Unit 1: LO3 and LO4 (Written / Theory Unit)




Unit 2 Mock Examination.



Students will be studying and will be assessed on Unit 1: LO5




Unit 1 Official Exam (40% of the overall grade)


Performance Skills - Timing, Projection, Fluency, Rhythm, clarity of movement


LO1 - Understand roles, responsibilities, skills and qualities in the Performance Industry.

LO2 - Understand National Organisations  related to employment in the Performance Industry.


Performance Skills/Expressive Skills : - Characterisation, Facial Expression, Energy, Dynamic Range


Choreography Skills: - Structure, Theme, Motif Development, Action Content 


LO3 - Understand how performers are promoted

LO4 - Understand production planning.

LO5 - Understand Rehearsal Process.




Ensemble and group choreography.

 How can parents help?

  • Ask questions regarding the key terminology (found in the content section above)
  • Watch performances when rehearsing at home
  • Revision questioning 
  • Attend performances that your child is involved in

Curriculum in Year 11


Unit 2 – Planning and Performing

  • Understanding how to respond to a live performance brief
  • Understanding pre-production and production roles
  • Understanding rehearsal and development of material
  • Understanding how to present to an audience
  • Understand how to review a live performance


How we assess:

Students will repeat the process of Spring term if they are required to.
Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term

November  - Second and final attempt of written examination (if needed.)


Students will be assessed on the planning and performance of an Ensemble and solo choreography piece. (Preparation for Unit 2 Synoptic Project.)



Students will complete Unit 2: Synoptic Project 


Practical assessment  (60% of overall grade.)

Second attempt of Unit 2 Synoptic Project (if needed)




External Moderation 


Ensemble Choreography - 

  • Choreographic Intent - Themes, moods, meaning, style of dance chosen.
  • Chose of music and its relevance to the theme.
  • Choreographic Devices.


Solo Choreography

  • Physical Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Expressive Skills

Responding  to a live performance brief


Pre -Production  roles



Rehearsal and development of material


Presenting  to an audience


Reviewing a live performance


If required students will repeat the process from the previous term.  The process will remain the same although the exam board will send out a new overall theme.


How can parents help?

  •  Watch performances when rehearsing at home.
  •  Discuss the key terminology - (found in content section above)
  •  Attend Final Performance production