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Wright Robinson College


How to apply for a place at Wright Robinson College

All parents should apply by the date set by their Local Authority and details for the application process can be found on your Local Authority Website: Manchester, Tameside or Stockport


Wright Robinson College operates under the Manchester city council co-ordinated admissions scheme 


Manchester, Tameside and Stockport Application Deadline: 31st October 2023


Advice: Please ensure that you put more than one school choice on your application. Only putting one choice does not mean that the Authority will give you that school, and as a result you could then be allocated to a school a significant distance from home.


When will I find out which school my child has been offered? 

You will be informed of the school your child has been allocated on: 1st March 2024


What if my child is not offered a place at Wright Robinson? 

If you put Wright Robinson as your first choice and did not receive a place on the 1st March offers day, you can submit an Admission Appeal.

Please contact Mrs Duffy, Admission Appeals Manager, on 0161 826 1026 to request an Appeal Pack. 

Alternatively you can request an appeal pack by submitting your request to admissionappeals@wrightrobinson.co.uk 


Please see our Admission Appeals page for further information.